Some shots of the Yerkes SHS





A complete solar rotation during the month of August 1971 


The Mt Wilson 150-foot Solar Tower (overlooking Pasadena CA) Photos courtesy of Fred Veio



Richard Hill's Book on the Sun


Dr. R. Dunn, 1971 Sacramento Peak Observatory, Arizona USA

These are, strictly speaking, professional shots.  But they were too nice not to show.

Solar filigree in H-alpha light

1971 chromosphere on the solar limb about 5" arc hight

1971, prominance on the solar limb

1971, +5/8 A, H-alpha

0.0 A,  H-alpha

+0.5A H-alpha, Brushes, spicules on limb, rosettes which overlay supergranulation pattern about 30" arc diameter cells


Other Professional Photos