Philippe Rousselle's Spectroheliograph with linear array (Metz, France, 11 Jan 2002)


Phil Rousselle of France has rebuilt his shgraph.  See a detailed description of the SHGraph here and the optical layout here
The specifications are
telescope : D=90mm F=1300mm
spectro : arcetri (modified) with 2 achromats D=60mm F=900 mm
grating 1800 gr/mm
image synth.  linear array sensor
Fred Veio donated his former 90/1300mm Celestron achromat of excellent quality, 1/15 wave for spherical aber, and excellent color correction as well as two 60/900mm achromats from Apogee about 1/8 wave on the wave front at infinity focus for spherical aberration. Color correction is good. David Grosby donated a flat 80mm mirror, 1/10 wave.

See Phil's marvelous array of solar maps in various bandwidths here and here (this is a must see!!)