Heinrick W. Beeker constructed this innovative  SHS (including Beeker ceolostat)

Heinrich W. Beeker of Germany started his SHS about 1975, finished it about 1995.  Attached is Fred's quickie drawing of his shs layout, giving you an idea of his arrangement in the photos (Fred promises better in a short time).  The importance of his shs is the new design of mechanical two mirror coelostat.  His Beeker coelostat, as I call it, is a modification of the Zeiss two mirror coelostat. His design is definitely easier to make. It is unique, and it will be a big contribution to SHS building,  is compact, easy to copy  for a roof design, even a tower design.


Heinrich W. Beeker at his SHS; refractor is vertical, Zeiss 70/1500mm

Beeker ceolostat on roof, with SHS in the attic

Frau Betti Beeker by the 15' dome of the 6" f/15 Jaeger refracter


Heinrich W. Beeker at his Zeiss 70/1500mm refractor




The Beeker ceolostat from various angles (south is to the left, leftmost pictures are opened, right closed)


The optical housing which directs the sunlight either into the SHS, or downward onto a rotating screen for viewing sunspots and drawing



Front of two spectroscopes; optical housing removed; 1.9 meter FL  and 2.7 meter FL


Disks: 125mm diameter, solar disk in H-a, combination glass disk, 2 passbands, 2 sets of 30 slits of 50 m and  100 m ; top stationary, bottom rotating


Disk cutting machine (Betti Beeker in background)


Focusing mount; grating housing; spec-lens; spec-eyepiece, 50mmFL; 3mm black disk, blockout tiny lens reflection off spec.


150mm white light projector, rotating screen, uses Erfle eyepiece, for drawings