Ivan Glitsch, Wallisellen Switzerland

H-alpha daily map of the sun for 17 Sept 200 and 21 July 2000 drawn from a Daystar 0.7A passband H-alpha filter on a FL=1900mm Schiefspiegler telescope

Hello Fred:         Cordial thanks for your insightful information, time and guidance in the design and production of a spectrohelioscope. I am still in the possession of your first book draft and would like to attempt building a spectrohelioscope. Only the size of the instrument has delayed me; should I build a full sized or a micro observatory? The Daystar filter still has a place! But it would be to be nice to observe in other spectral regions.  I have enclosed my observation booklets 1998 and also 1997, two interesting activity years. 1996 resulted in a lean, thin booklet! I attach still copies of my observation recordings, so that you can get a view of my activities. The left color copy is the projection design in the thumbnail and in full sized orignal (10 cm sun diameters) also in-copied H-alpha observations. In the right copy details are by groups of marks in the same projection equipment into 3.7 magnification in which the enlargement were drawn. Page 14 with the last Zusammenstellug the series of 1999. Additionally the projection equipment with the Celestron 90 upper picture and down the Kutter Schiefspiegler with image taken off H-alpha filter and eyepiece connecting piece, in which a swiveling cover graticule is for the correct detection of the different activity zones.               Sincerely, Hans Glitsch, July 26, 1999


Drawings of the Sun

Celestron 90, sunspot eyepiece projection 37 cm

  Daystar H-a 0.7 mounted on a Kutter-Schiefspiegler telescope