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by Leonard Higgins

This web page is presented for those who have an interest in the spectrohelioscope and perhaps the desire to build one of these interesting instruments. George Ellery Hale (1868-1938) invented the spectrohelioscope in 1924 which allowed detection of sudden outbursts of activity on the sun. The following photographs are of such an instrument, built by Leonard Higgins with the support, and guidance of Fredrick Veio, author of the book, "The Spectrohelioscope." This particular instrument has been on display at the RTMC (Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference) at Big Bear Lake, Camp Oaks in California, U.S.A., for the last two conferences, 1998 and 1999. It received a Merit award at the RTMC , 1998.

"The instrument is a pleasure to use, and provides many different
aspects and challenges in regard to observing the closest star, our sun."